Want better-informed salespeople?

QCards give direct and channel sales teams the information they need at all times, on their smartphones, tablets and computers.

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1. Why QCards?

Managing and maintaining sales enablement tools is NOT EASY

Do your salespeople demand up-to-date sales enablement tools, while you lack the time and resources to always keep content current and relevant?

You update information centrally, for consistency, accuracy and timeliness

Cards are laid out logically and arranged in bite-sized sections so content can be consumed quickly, especially while on the move

Content updates are pushed out to users via a Notification Centre

2. Design

Visually appealing,

QCards can contain any combination of elements to convey your message, including text boxes, lists, charts and graphs

Card designs can fit into your company colour guidelines

QCards is visually appealing, accessible, effective

3. Mobile

Mobile-first - optimised for smartphones and tablets

Your salespeople always carry the information they need, in their pockets and bags

Also works perfectly well on desktop browsers

4. Demo

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QCards is designed to suit all types of sales operations:

  • Individual sales teams within larger organisations
  • Small and medium sized businesses
  • Enterprise businesses with multiple sales teams and large portfolios
  • Businesses that rely heavily on sales channels and business partners
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